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Nov 8, 2012 6:00am PST
speaker john boehner said wednesday he is willing to compromise on raising some taxes. vice president joe biden says the obama administration is willing to compromise, as well. the "fiscal cliff" is across- the-board tax increases and spending cuts scheduled to kick in at the end of the year. >>> the market hopes to recover today from its worst day of the year. here now is jason brooks with kcbs and >> reporter: good morning. good day to compromise on the "fiscal cliff." it's going to be absolutely key. that was one of the main reasons why the market dropped so much yesterday along with ongoing concerns about europe's debt crisis. the dow down 300. the market coming back a little this morning. we have economic reports that may be helping out a little. labor department reporting that first time unemployment claims falling by 8,000 to 355,000 last week. important to know that these numbers are going to be skewed for weeks because of hurricane sandy. they might be lower and we might see a surge in a month because of that. the u.s. trade deficit in september falling to
Nov 9, 2012 6:00am PST
he has, john boehner. >> it is something, you have this big pressure, this great moment, but also the doubts and stuff going in, the win, of the loss, the fact that you can be out the door. someone says you won again. we have the "fiscal cliff" hanging over you, by the way. so get ready. you have 33 seconds. what's your play? you're going to go to be back in the corner. >> he hasn't thought about that at all. he was focused on whether or not he could justify the four previous years. he was not thinking about the four years forward. period. >> i have a question. just the exhaustion factor with romney and the president. the next day they must wake up and say, can i just go to the caribbean for a week? but you have to go back to work. >> the energy is gone. by the time you end at 8:00 on the night of the election at whatever station you happen to be, the energy leaves you. then you discover you didn't have it anyway. you were operating on adrenaline and what have you. so you have no idea the exhaustion of what you have gone through. the president and the winner have then got to do th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2